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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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May 2019
May 2019

May 2019 (9)

Muchmore are busy adding more radio equipment to their line up with the latest being the Sanwa-compatible MRX482 2.4GHz receiver. The compact design “antenna-less” receiver unit measures 23.6×18.4×28.4mm and it weighs in at 7.3g. The 4-channel receiver is Sanwa Normal, SHR and SSR mode compatible and it is usable with 3.5V to 8.4V input.
Robitronic from Austria have announced the release of their new Expert LD 300 300W DC charger. With its powerful charge circuitry the device is capable of up to 16A of charge current. A high contrast LCD screen helps to monitor all of the important parameters and menu operation is taken care of by a single multi-function dial. Different charge and discharge features round out the package.
Muchmore have introduced their new BLS10 high-voltage-compatible low-profile brushless servo. Housed in a mixed composite upper/lower and alloy middle heatsink section case, the Sanwa SSR response mode supporting servo is capable of speeds of down to 0.055s with a torque of up to 13.5kg-cm when operated with 7.4V input. Dual ball races, a mixed titanium and aluminium gear train as well as an all-black servo lead are other features of the compact device that is ideal for both 1/10th scale on-road and off-road applications.
Team Associated’s new Factory Team 7-Piece hex driver set is a compact and lightweight tool solution for everyone from the new enthusiast to the pro racer. The most popular standard and metric hex sizes are included and conveniently store inside the machined aluminium handle. The hardened tips can be used in power screwdrivers with a 1/4” hex drive to tackle heavier jobs such as 1:8 vehicle maintenance. Tips included are: .050”, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 5.5mm nut driver, 7.0mm nut driver. Additional sizes of tips are available.
Exclusively from RcCar24.com comes a reissue of the popular Novarossi 3.5cc 35Plus21 nitro on-road engine. The Limited Edition sports a black cooling head, a 9-port liner and piston design as well as a 14.5mm silicone-filled and balanced crankshaft. Other features include a knife-design conrod, high-quality main bearing and an alloy carburettor with 9mm venturi insert. The engine is available now with only one batch being made.
Muchmore have introduced their new Fleta Euro V2 high-current BEC version brushless speed controller. The updated variant features a new high-power BEC system with switchable 6V/7.4V and 5A output, allowing for reliable receiver and servo operation. Other features include a built-in on/off switch, RPM limit and traditional blinky modes as well as the possibility to power a cooling fan even with the speedo being switched off. All this is housed in a compact 32.7×26.5x17mm case with the black and red anodised heatsink helping to recognise the updated high current BEC variant.
Yeah Racing’s all-new adjustable QUTUS 1/10th scale on-road shock absorbers are now also available in sets specific to drift car racing. While the 55mm shocks with their externally adjustable shock pistons remain the same in terms of specifications, the Slider sets include two sets of shock springs that help to fine tune the car’s handling from low to high bite surfaces. The universal shock sets include four dampers each and they are available in red, blue or black colour.
German company CS Electronic have introduced their new CSX V2 540-class modified and stock electric brushless motors. Based on the previous CSX the V2 variants offer improved performance, lower energy consumption, lower operation temperatures and a lower weight. At the same time the power curve and drivability have been improved. This was achieved by utilising a new internal design and Ti magnet material. The modified motor is available in 4.0T to 8.5T specification while the stock variant comes in 10.5T to 25.5T windings.
Traxxas have introduced their new Traxx All-Terrain track set for the TRX-4 trail truck. The large contact patch and grippy treads shrug off the deepest mud and float across deep sand while raising the portal axles even higher for increased ground clearance that lets drivers straddle huge obstacles on the trail. Each Traxx drive unit is engineered for rugged, yet smooth performance. An adjustable tension wheel keeps the treads tight while suspended road wheels allow the tread to conform to surface irregularities for maximum traction. Oil-filled dampers on each drive unit control rotational movements to help keep the tread glued…


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