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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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Nov 2021
Nov 2021

Nov 2021 (10)

Following an earlier teaser, Schumacher have now released the full details of their new formula car, called the Icon. After a long run of successes in multiple electric racing classes, including a double LMP12 World championship, Schumacher’s engineering team have applied their expertise to the formula class. The result is an innovative new approach to RC Formula racing. The Icon is designed for maximum rear traction to make an easy to drive car, but maintains plenty of steering to satisfy the most demanding drivers. The Icon prototypes have been extensively tested and raced in the UK, Germany and Italy, and…
Creation Model have introduced their new Infinity IF18-2, the next generation of their World Champion 1/8 platform. Developed and tested by their team drivers all around the World, it features an all new front-end design which offers drivers a huge range of roll centre and setting options. Already proven on track with Takaki Shimo’s prototype car taking 2nd place at last year’s World Championship in California, the big innovation of the IF18-2 is that by adjusting the front roll centre according to driving conditions, it is possible to fine tune your setup perfectly according to various circuits and driving styles.…
Element RC’s Trailrunner 4×4 is now available in a red/orange, a colour the company refers to as ‘Fire’. The body and chassis remain unchanged, with the new colour body made from a high-strength polycarbonate that has been pre-painted to look fresh from the dealer showroom. Designed for looks, function and customisation, it features a two-piece design with removable front lower valance, injection-moulded fender flares, B-pillar appliqués, door handles, windshield wipers, mirrors and front grill installed right out of the box. Also included are injection-moulded roof rack, three-piece front bumper with D-rings, snorkel and accessory decal sheet.
Based on the World Champion Infinity IF15, this wide chassis kit from Creation Model converts a 200mm chassis to a 235mm wide version. Compared to the standard IF15, the IF15W features new front and rear shock towers and body mounts, as well as wider tires. The newly designed front one way drive is included in the kit to help produce sharp turn in that matches the racing body. Designed to accept a similar body type to that used in 1/8th scale it boasts unparalleled aerodynamic performance providing higher cornering speeds than that of a regular sedan body. Most of the…
Completely designed from the ground up, the Losi LMT 4wd Solid Axle Monster Truck is the first of its kind on the market combining all-out performance with incredible scale detail. Starting with the chassis, a twin vertical plate is designed to provide all of the performance adjustments needed to tune the truck for any situation. Whether you are a scale driver, a basher or a racer, the chassis is designed to accommodate multiple shock setups keeping you tracking straight, no matter the terrain. New multi-piece axle housings surround the 1/8th scale drivetrain. Additionally, the easy access centre transmission comes stock…
Element RC have released a RTR version of their Enduro Gatekeeper Buggy rock crawler. Previously only available as a kit, it now comes in two different RTR sets, both with brushless electronics, transmitter and receiver, while only the LiPo combo comes with charger and battery pack. Packed full of performance features the Gatekeeper Suspension package consists of rear trailing arms that move the shocks forward, allowing a larger window for shock tuning and providing improved weight bias. The trailing arms are paired with a rear anti-roll bar for a more stable and consistent suspension when crawling on the rocks. An…
HPI have announced this new edition RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 E30 draped in the famous BMW Warsteiner livery and a tribute to the Schnitzer Motorsport machine piloted by Roberto Ravaglia to many years of success. Roberto is one of the most successful racing drivers of this era and winner of seven titles in four different championships and every detail of his World beating 1987 car has been replicated for this Warsteiner edition. Under the hood is the tried and tested, RS4 Sport 3 platform RC, fully tuneable and ready to race right out of the box.
Fenix Racing have introduced their new G12 1/12th scale chassis featuring the company’s V-link rear suspension. The G12 has been tested in different environments and tracks, in Europe and Japan, with a huge development done by Mr. Kimihiko Yano and his team. The rear end sports 5 different roll centres positions, to grant you the most precise setup, to get the most from your rear tyres. Multiple side links are used to set the rear bump steer in the best way possible and for the front end they tested several solutions, but nothing come close to the CRC front end.…
This is a Megalodon Blake Wilkey Edition desert buggy black body from Pro-Line. The result of a collaboration with Shreddy Lyfe’s own Blake Wilkey on a re-creation of The Megalodon: a dune-shredding, wheelie-popping, supercharged V8-powered beast of a buggy. You may remember Blake from the infamous Urban Assault video tearing up the streets of San Diego. Now, you can create your own viral videos by transforming your Slash 2wd or Slash 4×4 with this officially-licensed, super scale body. All the details of Blake’s beast are captured including moulded engine details, roof-mounted air scoop, add-on rear fenders and shark-inspired side wings.…
The new JCI M117 Lloyd body by JConcepts is the definition of square body design with plenty of room underneath its large footprint for an assortment of accessories, electrical, transmission and suspension layouts. The M117 has a military side and once detailed with included distressed stars, JConcepts logos, headlight and grille, the new body transforms a rig in to a battle tested utility truck. With a lot of popular 12.3” wheelbase trucks on the market, the JConcepts team focused on the Lloyd being versatile enough to top the best rigs in the market. With large flange fenders the shell makes…


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