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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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Apr 2023
Apr 2023

Apr 2023 (19)

Japanese radio and servo manufacturer KO Propo has announced the upcoming released of a ‘Black Special’ Edition of their top of the range EX-Next transmitter.  Special features of special edition include luxury pearl black paint.  Instead of simple solid black paint, it is painted in black with pearl.  The matt texture giving it a luxurious feel.  The pearl black paint is also on the stand, the painted areas being the master unit and the standard grip stand.  The final touch is a newly designed aluminium steering wheel which is of an all new design. Source: KO Propo [kopropo.co.jp]
JConcepts has release two ‘Tucked’ bodies intended for 1:10 RC crawlers, the 1978 Chevy K10 and the 1995 Ford F-150. Designed by JConcepts, the Tucked body layout creates more tire space, less overhang. Fitting the Traxxas TRX-4 Sport, Enduro, Axial 12.3″ wheelbase, on the Chevy the identifiable design detail of the retro piece is the center bulged section that runs the length of the shell. A vertical signal marker can be added thanks to the included and pre-trimmed JConcepts decal sheet. Extending off the center structure of the body, the blend flows nicely into the cab with large windows which…
ARC has released its latest 1:10 Electric Touring chassis, the A10-23.  The main features of the new car are all new X-Low Shocks, new shorter rear lower arms, new V3 upper A-arms, a new rear horizontal body post and new 5.8mm Pivot Balls.  The car also now comes as standard with the previously option Kevlar transmission pulleys and the new V2 Caster Gauge is included with the A10-23 kit. View more details and images here
Germany’s RC-KleinKram has announced that its Zoo Racing brand has a new high performance 190mm touring car body shell, the GOAT. Developed from the experience from the super successful Dogsbollox body it is a more compact and shorter design to generate more rotating for a more fluent driving.  Key areas, like the new, shorter nose and hood design are optimised and also the rear section is more compact and much lower to make cornering faster and have a stable rear at the same time.  The new and more pronounced rear spoiler generates more downforce, and gives the car more stability…
Following the successful release of its 1:10 RS01 body last month, Italian body producer Mon-Tech Racing has now released the same design for GT12.  Molded from high quality polycarbonate, the shell can be mounted on all 1:12 models and is available in two versions, ‘Standard’ and ‘La Leggera’.  It comes with the decals for the headlights and grilles, the masking for the windows and the fixing screws for the rear wing. Also new for 1:12, Montech has a new branded carrier bag.  Measuring 21cm x 38cm x 10cm, the bag carrier two cars without bodies or one full complete car with…
While the 2023 outdoor is still only getting starting for many racers, Xray has released details of their XT8 ’24 1:8 Truggy.  All new features of the 2024 model include front & rear semi-split bulkhead with quick differential access without disassembling suspension. Out also gets reinforced V2 bulkheads featuring Labyrinth Dust Covers to avoid debris inside the bulkhead assemblies.  New front & rear diff height adjustment is possible through eccentric bushings while they have also improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment. The XT8 ’24 has a redesigned chassis for semi-split bulkheads and redesigned front & rear aluminium shock tower…
Drift RC specialist Max Speed Technology has announced the upcoming release of their brand-new MRX-S 1:10 Drift Chassis.  MST will continue their MRX Series and with the MRX-S release a more affordable version, making it easier for drifters of all levels to own an MRX equipped with the Quick-change differential system.  The MRX-S also includes the Quick-change differential system with 19T/21T steel gears and a reinforced gear diff as standard equipment.  All parts and option parts of the MRX-S can be used with the currently available MRX-GT version. View more CAD Images and features here
Ielasi Tuned has released a new 1:8 GT engine, the GP5GTR’23.  An O.S. based engine, Daniele Ielasi has extensively worked the engine components for GT making it totally different from the OS version.  The key features are a new carburettor (21J), new underhead with OR, on-road crankshaft with tungsten weights, new engine backplate, new coupling and new LCG head with 2023 graphics, make the new GP5GTR’23 ​​no longer a tuned version of the basic version OS, but rather an Ielasi Tuned exclusive engine for the cardan GT category. View more images here
Team Saxo has announced details the latest version of their 1:10 Formula kit, the new F1-180 V4.  The car is improved over its predecessor with a number of key changes the first of which is it new narrower chassis which is better in race conditions especially in tight tracks.  As well as a different design the chassis is also stiffer reducing wear rate but still allowing adequate flex.  An improved Battery Securing system now uses O-ring rather than battery tape to hold the battery in position.  The distances between axles has also been shortened on the V4 increasing stability in…
Iconic Italian engine manufacturer Picco has introduced a new version of its flagship competition 1:8 Onroad engine, the Monza ‘Nine’.  As reflected by the name, this new version features a 9-port cylinder with updated exhaust boost ports.   The wider range of power improves your car handling with unmatched performance in all track conditions.  The Monza Nine has more linear power for control in corners while still providing high end speed needed for high end competition. View specs & more images here
Protoform has released a 1:7 NASCAR Ford Mustang for ARRMA owners.  In 2022, NASCAR completely refreshed the look of their cars to add more details of their street counterparts and now Protoform has captured all the details of the 1:1 Cup Series Mustang for owners of the Infraction and Limitless chassis.  Officially licensed by both NASCAR and Ford, this body comes clear so that you can paint it up in your favourite NASCAR driver’s scheme or create your own with the included numbers and sponsor decals.  It includes a full set of detailed graphics such as windshield frames, sponsor logos,…
Ielasi Tuned has announced details of its new GP3R23 .12 1:10 Onroad engine.  The latest version of the GP3 is an upgrade of the previous version with some small improvements that have been developed and tested over the past few months.  A new engine backplate, a differently worked crankshaft and the new smaller & lighter cooling head with new graphics are the substantial differences of this new version.  The engine will be available from Friday 14th April with future engine presentations from World Champion Daniele Ielasi due in the coming days including the 1:8 GT specific GP5GTR23. View more images…
Yokomo has officially released details of its newest 1:10 Touring Car the BD12.  The Japanese World Championship winning manufacturer says their ‘touring cars, which bring innovation with its highly creative design, has evolved into the “BD12”, a racing machine that tends to be uniformly designed.  While maintaining the same balance between pitching and roll as before, the racing design has achieved an even lower centre of gravity.  The advanced design makes the obvious a thing of the past, and will lead the racing scene in the 2023-24 series. Based on a new motor mount that controls pitching rigidity, the chassis…
Yokomo has released two limited editions of their Master Drift MD1.0 drift car, the Red Version and the Purple Version.  A drift car  chassis that has gained the support of expert drivers as a high-end competition machine, it is now available in a limited edition version covered with red/purple colour anodised parts.  The contrast between the chic matte graphite parts and the brightly coloured anodised parts dramatically increases the sense of ownership of the chassis.  The basic design is the same as the previous MD1.0, but this colour version has a 4-gear rear drive for even greater acceleration traction.  This specification…
Carten RC has released details of their upcoming T410 Rally Kit.  Based on their plastic chassis 1:10 190mm T410 kit, the Rally kit is intended for more intense driving.  The bathtub chassis with a cover that improve dustproofing effect.  Aluminum chassis plates front and rear make more durability on rougher terrain.  The front 7 degree kick back design make car more stable when running on bumpy track conditions.  The kit includes aluminium C hubs, full CVDs and aluminium 67mm front and 77mm rear shocks. View more images here
JConcepts has teamed up with BIGFOOT 4×4 to offer officially licensed Tribute Wheels decal sets to go along with branded body shells.  One of the more famous paint schemes from the 1990’s featured a lot of flame work on a black base colour body.  This radical departure became a crowd favourite with Dan Runte piloting a new generation BIGFOOT to victory during the glory days of side-by-side competition. With JConcepts’ featured wheel in the RC monster truck product line, “Tribute Wheels” seems to be a perfect match for one of the more successful BIGFOOT trucks of all-time. The included body…
Italian specialist RC Formula car producer Fenix Racing has introduced their latest Formula body, the Φγ3 (Phi-Gamma3).  As the predecessor PhiGamma and PhiGamma2, the body has been designed on 3D CAD with CFD validation.  Phi-Gamma3 in intended to give the best result on typical “electric” circuit, giving to the model a nice amount of steering while still keeping a solid rear end, sidepods are shaped in order to allow a good speed with a minimal amount of aero resistance.  The Phi-Gamma3 is supplied transparent with “retro” decals included. View more images here
Italian manufacturer Capricorn RC has just released the C04 EP, an electric version of its 1:10 nitro Touring Car chassis.  Based off their 2022 1:10 Nitro European Championship winning platform, the C04 EP car is fundamentally the same as the successful nitro car.  The new kit release comes out of the box with a Carbon Chassis plate as well as a custom radio plate to accommodate the 2S shorty lipo battery.  The electronics to be used are what you would find in conventional 1:10 Touring Cars. View more chassis images here
Japanese 1:10 electric touring car manufacturer Destiny has released official details of its new RX-10F 3.0.  Key features of their latest front wheel drive kit include new interchangeable front and rear upper aluminium bulkheads, front caster 4/5 deg, rear caster 5/4 deg adjustable by different orientation of bulkheads.  Also new are graphite rear lower arms to increase rear caster and a new motor mount with Multi-Flex Chassis adjustment.  Other changes from the RX-10F 2.0 launched at the beginning of 2021 include new 7075 aluminium steering centre plate and steering arms with ball bearings plus a 7075 aluminium lightweight low profile…


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