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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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Jun 2023
Jun 2023

Jun 2023 (15)

Protoform has released the Venturi GT body, a new contender in the popular USGT class. Combining scale looks with performance on the track, the Venturi GT takes inspiration from a new wave of hypercars, featuring a low-CG, cab-forward design sure to provide exceptional handling characteristics while also looking stunning on the track. The super low-slung hood and raised wheel arches give the Venturi an aggressive GT-style aesthetic, while the deeply sculpted side panels provide superior side bite and overall body rigidity. The rear wing features two trim lines: a lower 10mm tall line for USGT-sanctioned racing, and a taller cut…
Sworkz has released their latest Dirt edition 1:10 4WD electric buggy with the S14-4D Pro Kit.  It is an evolution from the successful S14-3D and S14-4C platform with the new geometry of the car providing optimised corner speeds and easy handling on carpet and very high grip tracks.  The S14-4D features the new gear box with adjustable diff system on a T7075 hard anodised and lightened aluminium chassis.  The flex of the chassis can be changed by different material sideguards.  The kit also comes with Sworkz brand new designed 1:10 Pro-Shock System (Long version shock body).  The shocks come with…
Hong Kong chassis manufacturer Xpress has released a new M-Chassis, the Arrow AM1.  The shaft driven car is an M-Chassis version of the full size Arrow AT1 1:10 electric touring car.  Sporting all the designs that made the Arrow AT1 a competitive chassis, they have turned it into a M-Chassis platform.  The AM1 features 4WD Shaft Drive Floating Gearbox System with a sealed transmission gearbox with drive via aluminium propeller shafts which providing extra durability and weight saving.  It uses the same self-lubricating plastic that is found on Arrow AT1 with suspension plastics the same as the XM1, so Xpress…
Following the release of its new entry level Rookie Offroad RO1.0 1:10 Buggy back in March, Yokomo has now added a Ready to Run Set version to make the platform even more appealing to hobby newcomers.  The chassis is pre-assembled, and the latest 2.4GHz transmission/reception system, brushless motor, and lithium polymer battery are pre-installed while maintaining the highly popular driving performance.  Everything is pre-adjusted, so it is an RTR model that can be driven immediately by simply charging the driving battery with the included charger after opening the package.  The operability is enough to impress even expert drivers, and the specs…
New from Flash Point RC is this 1:8 Truggy Body, the FP01.  This universal truggy body comes with the new Mugen Seiki MBX8TR nitro and electric truck kits and is a great option for most 1:8 truggies on the market.  It is a great option for those wanting great performance and style and features a low front nose mounting for better airflow, easier refuelling, and aerodynamics.  This body comes clear to add your own styling and paint scheme and includes the required front nose decals to be ROAR approved. View more images here
SMJ has released their latest .12 Kabuto Engine, the T12.  The engine has been completely redesigned from the previous model, and features a DLC coated crankshaft with two tungsten weights, which contributes to increased torque at low and mid speeds.  The new T12 engine also features an underhead with an O-ring to prevent dust from entering, and a large cooling head finished in a bold blue and black colour to meet the toughest race conditions.  The Kabuto T12 is also available pre-broken in by “YURUGIX”, a pioneer of pre-broken-in engines that has earned the trust of top drivers. View more…
Serpent has released its latest 1:10 2WD Kit, the SRX2 Gen3 Team.  With the SRX2 Gen3 the most successful 2WD platform from the famed nitro onroad manufacturer and customers & racers extremely pleased with the versatility, reliability and performance of the chassis, with the Gen3 Team, Serpent wanted to push the envelope further mainly focusing on flex, ease of use, and above all faster lap times.  The SRX2 Gen3 Team continues its heritage of being their most universal car to date, sharing a substantial amount of parts from its predecessors but getting needed performance upgrades.  Serpent’s R&D department feel this…
US offroad bodyshell manufacturer Leadfinger Racing has released its Beretta body to fit Tekno’s NB48 2.1 buggy.  The new Beretta body for the NB48 2.1 has been specifically designed to be a drop fit body for the 2.1 version.  In the past, racers were required to change out the air filter to fit the body properly onto the car.  The new Beretta body has a widened cab that enables racers to use the correct 2.1 air filter and snorkel.  Modifications are no longer necessary to the throttle linkages.  LFR designed the body for better clearance of the linkages to prevent…
Yokomo has just released details of their new SuperDrift SD2.0 1:10 drift chassis.  The SD series of tuning drift cars, which can achieve various specifications by reconfiguring parts, has evolved into the latest version, SD2.0.  While keeping the basic design of graphite double-deck chassis and gear-drive RWD, a thorough review of the weight balance and changes to the front Ackermann ratio have been made to further accentuate the latest RWD drift style. View features and images here
Italian body producer Mon-Tech Racing has released a new series of oval body shells intended for 200mm Pan Car racing.  Three body option are available, two Nascar, the Dega and Darlington, and one Pick-Up truck, the Bristol.  The Dega and Darlington are produced in 0.75mm ‘Light’ version while Bristol is formed in standard 1mm version.  The kit includes the rear wings, the fixing screws, decals of the headlights & grilles, and the masking for the windows. View more images here
Hong Kong’s 3Racing has published photos of the first build prototype of their upcoming new 1:10 M Chassis kit.  The new 210mm wheelbase M Chassis gets its design brief from their Cero Touring Car and still features some 3D printed parts in the build.  With no release date given for the new M-Chassis, which is set to be also offered in a FWD kit, they did hint that the final kit release is still some time way. View more images here
Five years after the original release of their first ever 1:10 200mm nitro onroad kit, Creation Model has released the Infinity IF15-II.  With the IF15 enjoying two World Championship title wins, the latest touring car kit features a number of updates to its predecessor all of which have been extensively tested in competition in prototype cars by Infinity’s strong factory team driver line-up.  The IF15-II gets a new chassis on which there is a new rear end geometry thanks to a new rear bulkhead, new shock stay & shocks, and rear stabilizer.  The car also gets new parallel joints front…
Italian specialist nitro onroad chassis manufacturer BMT has released their latest 1:10 Nitro Touring Car chassis the 702.  Over its predecessor, the long running 701, the 702 design benefits from a lower centre of gravity.  Great attention was given to the ultra-low center of gravity, one of the lowest in the category thanks to the shape of the tank and the arrangement of the servants who are both lying down.  This was specifically developed for this unique support that incorporates all the electronics that with only 3 screws comes off from the model facilitating maintenance operations.  The car also gets…
Offroad market newcomer Sparko Racing has released images of its first 1:8 Buggy chassis the F8.  The Taiwanese manufacturer will shortly release full details of the buggy along with details of its Worldwide distribution network.  A development version of the Sparko buggy ran at the FEMCA Championships held in Taiwan earlier this year showing promise in the hands of 11-year old Huang Han Ping who lined up third on the grid for the Main final before finished 5th in the 50-minute encounter. View chassis images here
WRC Racing have introduced their latest 1:10 front-wheel drive electric touring car kit, the ST2.2.  Based off their STX.8 4WD Electric Touring Car that was release last December the new FWD kit benefits from an overall lower centre of gravity.  To achieve this the Italian brand has introduced ultra low profile shock towers, short shocks and a new low centre of gravity servo mount.  The car also gets repositioned motor, battery and servo points for better weight distribution.  Other features of the ST2.2 include new linear steering system, new mounting locking system and a new easily adjustable body mounts. View…


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