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Tamiya Indonesia Championship 2019

  • Seri 1 : 24 Feb 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 2 : 31 Maret 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Seri 3 : 28 April 2019 - East RC
  • Seri 4 : 07 Juli 2019 - Sunter International Speedway
  • Regulations attached PDF


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nov 2015
nov 2015

nov 2015 (10)

TLR has given the ROAR Championship winning 8ight platform a subtle makeover to boost on-track performance and ease of handling. First up is the revised suspension geometry with adjustable 15 degree caster blocks that make it possible to tune dog bone plunge by changing the height of the spindle. Also the shock towers have been redesigned with new camber link and shock mounting holes that provide more tuning options for evolving track conditions. On top of that the kit the front spindles and rear hubs have been revised to accept a larger 8x16x5mm outer bearings for increased durability. Part of the revised suspension package are also bleeder shock caps, with new internal seals to allow for easier shock rebuild and new shock bushings improve durability.

During the recent IFMAR 1/10th Buggy World Championships JConcepts have introduced the S2 bodyshell for the Team Associated B5M buggy. The new shell rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance. Slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low centre of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of front-end force for balance and steering. A channelled roof directs the flow through the centre of the body while also increasing the rigidity of cockpit. The dual side-window design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout. The upper side-pods feature distinct vents used to help relieve hot air build-up inside the body for those high-powered runs or hot days at the track. Carved and detailed side-pods edge the body giving the highly aero unit a stylish look with and tight fit and finish. Cut-lines are included on each side of the body to accommodate 3 or 4 gear transmission layouts giving all out versatility. Included with the body come two 6.5″ Finnisher rear wings, a decal sheet and window masks.

To commemorate their recent World Championship title won by Spencer Rivkin in Japan and domination of this year’s ROAR Nationals by Ryan Cavalieri Team Associated have introduced the Limited Edition RC10B5M Champions Edition. The new B5M Champions Edition includes the most popular tuning options available. By including parts for both 3- and 4-gear transmissions, flat and gullwing front suspension arms, and V2 and VTS slipper solutions, this is the most tunable car Team Associated has ever made. Strength, longevity and style have also been improved by including carefully selected Factory Team option parts like: Fox Shock Bodies with Genuine Kashima coating, titanium turnbuckles, blue shield ball bearings, aluminium front axles and an aluminium rear ball stud mount. This is a limited production vehicle and will be available in November 2015 while supplies last.

Tamyia’s FF-04 Evo FWD touring car will soon become available as a special Black Edition kit. The vehicle will feature all-black aluminium parts such as bulkheads, steering and shock details to separate from the standard blue-themed kit. Given the information available the kit will feature the latest big bore shock absorbers and also an aluminium bumper mount as well as an updated motor mount and motor plate to stiffen up the front end but more information should become available in time for the release in December.

Modelix from Spain have updated their Nitrolux fuel range to meet with the new regulations and market requirements. Available are special off-road blends containing 10, 16 and 25 percent nitro as well as 16 and 25 percent nitro on-road specific fuels. All are available in updated plastic cans with child security caps and in sizes of one, two and five litres, depending on the blend.

RCbenchmark has announced the release of the production version of its dynamometer for brushless motors. The dynamometer helps designers to optimise motor and gear ratio selection for the perfect balance of torque, power and efficiency for a specific race or frame. The tool measures torque, motor speed, motor efficiency, motor power and motor internal resistance. Motor loading is adjusted by installing different propellers on the inrunner motor with this method of loading the motor was chosen for its smooth and constant load, for the huge load range it provides, as well as for its low cost. The software can export the data to any spreadsheet software, and most tests can be automated with the automatic control feature. The dynamometer was built by designers, for designers, to save time, and to obtain the best performances and it is especially helpful for smaller motors such as used in 1/16th scale vehicles.

With the TLR 22 3.0 Team Losi Racing have introduced the latest incarnation of the popular 22 1/10th 2WD buggy. The 3.0 has been designed to give racers a versatile platform that easily adapts to changing track conditions without requiring a lot tuning changes. First up is the all-new 3-gear transmission with revised motor location that places the motor 12mm closer to the diff gear to increases the rear weight bias, providing better rear grip on exit, more entry steering and a buggy that, overall, is easier to drive. The new layout also decreases chassis roll, greatly improving the vehicle’s stability, consistency and braking. A 4-gear transmission is available separately for lower-grip tracks and different driving styles.

Schumacher have announced that the Cougar KF2 2WD buggy is now available in a Special Edition. To celebrate a year of top notch results the Cougar KF2 SE includes the option for all three motor positions, all in one box. Available are the standard forward motor position for super high grip astro turf, a low grip position for medium grip astro and grass – as used at the IFMAR Worlds – and also the mid motor placement for medium and low traction conditions such as dirt and sandy/dusty astro – as utilised at the EFRA Euros. Included with the kit comes a new alloy chassis, new bodyshell, three belts for all motor positions as well as a new front carbon fibre top deck and mount as well as battery mounting hardware.

New from Team Associated comes the Reedy 324-S compact balance charger. Easy to use and in a compact package, the device is specifically designed to balance charge LiPo and LiFe batteries in 2S to 4S configurations. Charging is as simple as selecting the battery type and charge rate, and then connecting the battery. Once connected, the charging process begins automatically. Convenient LEDs provide charging information and also display error codes for a faulty battery or poor connections.

Italtrading have introduced the Mach 4 One competition formula pan car kit. The 1/10th scale car is based on a carbon fibre main chassis and designed for the use with in-line mounted shorty battery packs. Wings hanging off of the very narrow chassis allow to securely mount the speed controller and receiver but the controller can also be attached in-line with the battery and steering servo. The latter sits in a “floating” aluminium mount to allow for a natural flex movement of the chassis in corners. The front suspension features an aluminium bulkhead and its design allows to fine-tune the roll centre using both the lower and upper wishbones. The lower wishbones also incorporate a droop setting feature and they also cover the spring duties due to their 1-piece design. The kit is rounded out by an aluminium motor pod, a heavy duty ball differential and ETS-legal Mon-Tech front and rear wings.


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